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If we design something for you, we'll keep at it until you're completely happy with the final result.

  • Corporate Calendars and Brochures - from as little as $500!
  • Personalised Greeting Cards for that special occasion - from only $100
  • Full Logo and icon design service - Boy, we're great value!
  • Promotional artwork and Virtual Mascots for your business - call for a quote
  • Personalised artwork - you name it, we'll paint it!  Prices vary, quality A1!

Oh, by the way, we hope you enjoy our work, but please remember it's all copyrighted, so if you'd like to use anything you find on the website, please do get in touch for our permission first.

Lead Designer Dennis Richards first met internationally renowned cardiologist Ross Walker when the surgeon was planning to write a book about how people could change their diet to prevent heart disease. 

Ross was looking for a range of illustrative cartoons for this and subsequent books, and Dennis came up with more than 50 full colour illustrations which were honed down to the 15 used in the final publication.

This project was an excellent example of how HJD can tailor our work to even the weirdest subjects (we now know what a Free Radical is!), and these illustrations certainly helped "carrot" to become an international best-seller.

Here's one of the original drawings for "carrot", all of which were produced in full colour.  

The range of graphics, artwork and cards we can produce for you is pretty much unlimited. 

We can help you formulate your own ideas or make suggestions, or we can just make it happen!

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