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The following graphics show some recent examples of our corporate work.  Enjoy!

This acrylic and the next are from a series called "Another Dead Blues Guy" and shows the diversity of styles you can call upon at HJD.

We love the Robert Johnson image - that face really looks like he's been down at the Crossroads sellilng his soul.  This sort of commission works well for promotional posters, leaflets and brochures, and could bring a highly distinguishable feel to your corporate profile.

Albert "The IceMan Collins is another mythical Dead Blues Guy from the series.  If you're looking for something unique and amusing for a restaurant or bar, or perhaps for the office wall, look no further.

We can produce artwork that will actually put you, your family or workmates into the picture.  Personalised paintings, posters or cards can be a great marketing idea, and clients will know you've gone the extra mile!

Brickyard Dog ia a new band gigging in New South Wales.

That talented Dog Dennis plays lead guitar, bass and does all the programming, with the famous Cash Backman on acoustic guitar and vocals.  If you hear Dennis sing, you win a prize!

For that Special Birthday, or perhaps to promote a corporate or more "personal" event, why not let our imagine run wild!

We'll produce something whacky, funny or downright outrageous for you and your workmates or pals!

To keep print and production costs low, we can produce visually stunning black and white logos for you, or promotional fliers and adverts that will ensure you an eye-catching result.

Very artistic! 

Need a Business Card that will really stand out?  Here's a card for one of the many talents Dennis has exploited over the years.

Let us design a fantastic "business-magnet" of a card for you and your business colleagues.

And if you need some really cool guitar lessons, we think he'll still oblige!

Is your Rugby or Footie team in need of a great new banner for the clubhouse wall?

We can personalise this kind of image with your own team colours and the faces of your fellow members.  A great keep-sake for the whole winning team!