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This is Sandy.  We'll leave the rest to your imagination, but if you'd like an atmospheric portrait of your own loved one, HJD is always
the place to look!

Here's some of the original artwork for our logo.  "The Dog" started life as a page full of curved smudges of colour.  Once the shape and tint were just right, it was simply a case of imagining how a mongrel would perform a Fosberry Flop in an effortless, smiling manner.  Then there was just the perspective of the bars to sort out, and the result is as you see it here.

We hope it makes you smile, because really that's what HJD is all about!

There are too many peices of original artwork in our portfolio to show them all, but here are a few more we hope you'll enjoy...

Some events require a more personalised approach than others.

We can quickly and economically design, produce and print your party invitations!

Ken Kactus has a successful career as an electronics technician specialising in musical  equipment.  That's when he isn't playing bass guitar or working as an emergency services volunteer.

This is Dan, Den's son.  If you knew Dan, you'd know this cartoon is pretty darned good!

Let us catch the personality of your loved one with a personalised cartoon or caricature.